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Altham Mobile Car Cleaning  & Valeting offer Car Cleaning & Van Cleaning Service in and around Altham for Business customers and Residential customers.

Car Valeting is an essential part of maintaining your vehicle, you must protect your vehicle all year round. Whether you do it yourself or get a professional to do the job for you. G & G offer many different mobile valeting services to cater for your car cleaning needs from a quick tidy up to a full comprehensive valet.

  • Mini Valeting is a tidy up of your vehicle.
  • Part Valets are for vehicles in good condition but have the odd stain on the seat or carpet.
  • Full Valet the whole car shampooed & polished to a show room condition.
  • End of Lease Car Valet Return: We make sure the vehicle is ready for returning to the lease company.
  • Caravan & Motorhome Washing

Mobile Car Cleaning Altham

All our clients require different services, whether you require weekly valeting or your car cleaning every two weeks or every month. We won’t just valet your vehicle we will look after it for you. We treat all vehicles as if they were our own. Check out our reviews.

Altham Mobile Car Cleaning – Van Valeting

Out mini valeting option is a tidy up of your vehicle, even though its a tidy up its quite a detailed valet and takes around 1.5 hours to complete. The Full Valet is a very detailed car cleaning option which would suite someone who needs there vehicle in a show room condition.

Mobile Car Cleaning In Altham

If you are selling your car or van then getting your Engine Bay cleaned as an add on.

  • Mini Valeting (up to 2 hours to complete)
  • Part Valets (up to 3 hours to complete)
  • Full Valet (5 to 7 hours to complete)
  • End of Lease Car Valet
  • Caravan & Motorhome Washing
  • Polishing
  • Waxing
  • Car Washing
  • Engine Bay Detail – (Essential if your selling your car)
  • Clay Bar Paint Cleansing – (Remove Contaminants From Paint Work Leaving a Very Smooth Surface)
  • Ferrous Iron Removal, Bodywork & Alloys
  • Vinyl Removal, Decals – Stickers – Glue
  • Glass Sealant – (Exterior Windows Sealed Making Them Super Hydrophobic)
  • Machine Polishing – (Removes Swirl Marks & Fine Scratches – Faded Paintwork Rejuvenated, Swirls marksspider webs, buffing marks, etching, webbing, scratches, and marring are all marks in your paint work. Machine Polishing you’re vehicle will remove over 90% of the marks)
  • Fabric Hood Soft Top Cleaning & Protection (Removes Green Mould From Fabric Hood)
  • Vinyl Hood Soft Top Cleaning
  • Interior Protection of Fabric Seats – Carpets (Great if you need to protect against spillages)
  • Interior Shampoo – Fabric Seats, Carpets, Matts, Door Cards
  • Odour & Stain Removal
  • Headlining Cleaning
  • Dog Hair Removal
  • Tar Removal
  • UV Protection Added to Headlights

Ceramic Coating & Wax will protect your car through our harsh British weather, getting your outer paint work protected will not only enhance the shine, it will protect your investment.

Altham Mobile Car Cleaning & Valeting

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For Mobile Car Cleaning we cover Burnley, Huncoat, Padiham, Hapton, Altham, Simonstone, Cliviger & many other areas in and around Burnley.

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