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Professional Exterior Car Cleaning

G & G Mobile Valeting offer machine polishing which will remove swirl marks where hand polishing the vehicle would not achieve the same result.

The difference between Hand Polishing cars & Machine Polishing is that you will get superior results by machine, hand polishing will remove only the very light scratches.

The hand polishes & wax will fill in the scratch giving you the impression that it has gone. Obviously when the fillers in the polish have faded the scratch will reappear.

A single stage MOP (machine operated polisher) will remove some of the lighter swirl marks in your clear coat & will then enhance and deepen the gloss shine.

Any scuffs or paint transfer for accidents can be removed if they are in your clearcoat of your bodywork.

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Paintwork Layering

Professional Car Mopping Service

When you polish bodywork, the aim is to remove as little as possible of the Clear Coat/Lacquer. Under bright sunlight you will have noticed that scratches appear which don’t show up on a dull or cloudy day.

These scratches will be swirl marks and mainly due to a bad washing technique which has scratched the surface of your clear coat.

Scratches & Swirl Marks in your cars paintwork

Scratch Removal

These scratches can be machined polished out by doing a two or three stage polish depending on the severity or depth of the scratch.

Before attempting the buffing, multiple paint gauge readings will be taken, taking a reading of the thickness of the bodywork makeup will give us a good idea if the panel has been sprayed in the past.

Many vehicles have been bumped by other vehicles and you can see the paint transfer on your cars panel, these can be polished out saving you a trip to the body shop.

G & G Mobile Home Car Valets  will polish single panels, to remove swirls marks/scratches or paint transfer.

Full paintwork correction

If you are considering having  the polishing completed via machine, then take a look at our New Car Protection Detail  the Enhancement Detail.

For a professional car mopping service near me or Car Buffing near me: call G & G Mobile, Specialist Valeting

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