Iron Fallout Removal

Iron Fallout Removal For Paintwork

Your cars bodywork may look clean but unless you have had Fallout Removal or bodywork decontamination then the chances are your vehicle will need it.

What is Industrial Fallout Removal ?.

Tiny metal airborne particles bond to your vehicles paintwork like brake dust & rail dust from railway lines.

Any rain fall on these tiny particles will start to oxidize the tiny particles which will in turn end up as brown rust spots on your painted bodywork.

On darker coloured vehicles you may not notice these tiny brown spots, but on lighter coloured vehicles they are very noticeable.

Iron Fallout Removal - Brown Spotting of Particles

Fallout Removal

You will notice in the image above the brown spotting where the ferrous metal particles have bonded themselves to the Audi paintwork.

Ferrous particles on door panel

Industrial Fallout

To look at the Audi which has just been washed, it looks in fantastic condition, look what happens once we apply a chemical which will remove the iron particles.

Iron particles being disolved

The image above shows the tiny particles being broken down, the iron fillings turn purple as they are being dissolved by the chemical.

Iron particles being dissolved have turned red

You can see the extent of the Iron Fallout Removal on the bodywork on the Audi, on darker coloured vehicles you would struggle seeing the extent of the fallout.

Iron Fallout Removal will also be required on your Alloy Wheels.

We would use a series of processes to remove the contamination from your bodywork including a synthetic clay to remove your bodywork contamination & overspray.

If you are having a decontamination of your bodywork then have a look at our Ceramic Coating which we can apply after the decontamination which lasts up to three years.

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