Burnley Mobile Car Valeting Van Valeting

Mobile Valeting Burnley

Our services for Burnley Mobile Car Valeting Van Valeting include:  New Car Protection for new & nearly new vehicles whilst we offer Full Paint Corrections for cars that have light scratches & Swirl Marks in the clear coat or lacquer.

Our Ceramic Coating protects all vehicles making them super hydrophobic.

Machine Polishing will enhance the shine of your car or van, our 3 stage machine polish will refine your paintwork and deepen the gloss finish. Window Screen Glass Repair is offered for chips in your glass.

Headlight Restoration for cloudy or foggy lens’s, we will remove the oxidation and replace the UV protection. Headlights are now made from Polycarbonate rather than glass, polycarbonate lens,s loose there UV Protection after about 5 years and start losing their clarity.

G & G Mobile, Specialist Valeting will restore the clarity and replace the UV Protection which will stop the headlight from becoming cloudy or foggy again.

Burnley Mobile Car Valeting Van Valeting

We offer different valeting options to suite your requirements, our Mini Valet offers a tidy up of your vehicle & takes up to 2 hours to complete, We offer Full Valet(s) which is a comprehensive clean of the Interior and Exterior & takes between 5 & 7 hours to complete.

Our Part Valet is a mix of the Mini Valet & Full Valet which includes spot cleaning on upholstery & carpets. Lease Return Valeting is offered for Cars going back to the lease company, your car needs to be returned in a reasonable condition.

If not you may be charged for any valeting that needs doing and repairs to the bodywork like scratches & stone chips, fabric, vinyl, plastics, leather & alloys.

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