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Cars come in all different shapes & sizes as do the Car Cleaning Prices, all come with many different scenarios which plays a vital role when it comes to valet pricing

G & G Mobile Valeting will always try & run a fair pricing policy, we believe it is unfair to charge the same price to a customer if they have identical cars or vans & one was in a reasonable condition & the other is in a terrible condition.

It is vitality important to give us accurate information about the condition of your vehicle, this will allow us to give you a more accurate price for the cost of a valet. Giving inaccurate information may cause confusion which in turn may cause us to under or over estimate you valet price.

Differing scenarios require different pricing options.

Valeting Price Lists

Seats may need scrubbing to remove the ingrained dirt where others need freshening up.  Some vehicles have all sorts in them like rubbish, televisions, computers, clothing, sweets & food.

All these items either need removing or we have to work around them, some items can be worked around where others cannot.

Car Cleaning Prices for Dog Hair removal are the most difficult to cost, they can also be difficult to remove because they get woven into the fabric of carpets & seats which usually means they take longer to remove.

We offer mobile car valeting for Rossendale, Accrington, Burnley & surrounding areas.

Our valeting price list of Extra’s packages which can be added onto your valeting package. Please ask for details.

  • Engine Bay Detail – (Essential if your selling your car)
  • Clay Bar Paint Cleansing – (Remove Contaminants From Paint Work Leaving a Very Smooth Surface)
  • Ferrous Iron Removal, Bodywork & Alloys
  • Vinyl Removal, Decals – Stickers – Glue
  • Glass Sealant – (Exterior Windows Sealed Making Them Super Hydrophobic)
  • Machine Polishing – (Removes Swirl Marks & Fine Scratches – Faded Paintwork Rejuvenated, Swirls marks, spider webs, buffing marks, etching, webbing, scratches, and marring are all marks in your paint work. Machine Polishing you’re vehicle will remove over 90% of the marks)
  • Fabric Hood Soft Top Cleaning & Protection (Removes Green Mould From Fabric Hood)
  • Vinyl Hood Soft Top Cleaning
  • Interior Protection of Fabric Seats – Carpets (Great if you need to protect against spillages)
  • Interior Shampoo – Fabric Seats, Carpets, Matts, Door Cards
  • Odour & Stain Removal
  • Headlining Cleaning
  • Dog Hair Removal
  • Tar Removal
  • UV Protection Added to Headlights

Mobile Car Wash Prices

If you want a valeting package which is not listed then we will be happy to quote you a price.

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