Fabric, Velour, Vinyl & Interior Plastic Repair

Repair Fabric, Velour, Vinyl, & Interior Plastic.

Vehicles have many different types of surfaces, all with different colours schemes and grains in plastic and vinyl surfaces. Car seats can be made of fabric, velour, a mix of leather and vinyl or made of leather and vinyl. Some surfaces are dull while others have a sheen.

Having an area repaired is much cheaper than replacing an entire seat, panel or door card, cigarette burns in carpets, head rests and seats look unsightly and can put off potential buyers. Scuffs on plastic & vinyl can be repaired, lease cars being returned need to be returned in a particular condition to get it through an inspection so you don’t get charged extra. Repair to Fabric, Velour, Vinyl & Interior Plastic can be completed the same day, we could also valet your car to make sure it goes back in the best possible condition, after all this would save you time if everything was completed in one visit.

G & G Mobile Valeting, Specialist Valeting can mix colours and fibre to attain the best match possible to your damaged area, making graining matts to match the grain in your vehicle. The images below will give you an example of what can be achieved by having a repair instead of purchasing a new item that could cost you dearly.


Fabric Repair

The headrest has a one inch burn in it, I have started filling the area which can be clearly seen.

Fabric Repair Headrest

The repair to the headrest is just about visible on very close inspection.

Plastic Repair

Plastic Repair

The damage is clearly visible.

Plastic Handle Repair Sanding

The damage has now been filled ready for the next stage.

Plastic Fully Repaired

The damaged area has now been finished and texture applied.

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